Airports use various electric vehicles to support aircraft operations. Ground crews work diligently to prepare the aircraft. Time between flights is essential and the need for uninterrupted energy is imperative.

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BFS Aquamatic & Airlift

Watering systems designed by bfs are as versatile as their areas of application are varied. Whether they are used for traction batteries, for heavy-duty work, for a variety of electric vehicles or in small and large stationary facilities, our watering systems come in first place when it comes to quality, reliability and safety. bfs watering systems are so versatile because they have no special requirements in terms of filling pressure nor is additional peripheral equipment needed. To adapt to specific applications, bfs offers a large choice of special plugs. And as varied as they are, all bfs systems have two things in common: they are easy to install and easy to operate.

Eaxtron Battery Connectors

EAXTRON's DIN 80A connectors are fully compatible with other brands. Two cable sizes are available : 16 mm² and 25 mm² The regular Eaxtron 160 and 320 amp consists in a socket and a plug connectors fitted with regular market standard contacts. Our standard Eaxtron battery connectors are fully compatible with the other battery connectors manufacturer in compliance with the DIN VDE 0623-589 and EN1175-1 standard. Socket and plug can be equipped with handle.

EnerSys BSI 40

Effective fleet management of motive power batteries is one of the key functions needed to reduce operating costs in the warehouse. Multi-shift manufacturing operations, longer retail trading hours and the demand for faster logistics solutions are part of everyday business life. Keeping the materials handling equipment running, often times 24 hours a day, creates the need for streamlined battery change. Selecting the "best battery" is vital to maximising truck fleet up-time and improving profitability. BSI 40 communicates with EnerSys HF chargers (Lifetech) and delivers accurate battery status information. The system is ideal for smaller battery fleets where effective battery rotation is business critical. Each BSI 40 unit can interface with up to 160 chargers (40 chargers per panel) and can be configured to manage 1 to 10 battery families. LifeNetwork iQ is the latest state of the art management system to complement new range of Life iQ and Lifespeed IQ high frequency chargers and adds some great new features for the charging room.

EnerSys Hawker Evolution

Hawker Evolution batteries are valve regulated gas recombination batteries with gelled electrolyte, accepting up to 80% DOD/C5. This range is suitable for use in forklift trucks, pallet trucks, electric vehicles and automatic transport systems for low and normal duty applications. The full benefits of Hawker evolution's high performance is optimised by using the battery in combination with Hawker high frequency smart chargers: Lifetech, Lifeplus or Life IQ, that allow a short charging time of only 8 hours in condition of 60% DOD or 12 hours charging time at 80% DOD/C5. The robust design of a traction cell is based on tubular positive plates (PzS type). Alloy (lead calcium with tin for the positive plate), the active mass and separator are adapted for the performance requirements of the battery. With minimal gas emissions it is ideal for use in sensitive environments such as the food industry. The Hawker Evolution battery range is available in DIN and BS dimensions, complying with standards DIN/EN 60254-2 and IEC 254-2.

EnerSys Hawker Perfect Plus

Hawker Perfect Plus motive power batteries provide a high level of power and reliability for all industrial truck operations, from simple applications with a low capacity loading up to heavy duty multi-shift work. Hawker Perfect Plus batteries provide higher efficiency in discharge, which is achieved by the use of advanced components in the construction of the positives plates. The sizing of plates has been optimised according to volume available in the cell boxes and the process of filling the positive plates has been improved. All these technical enhancements have enabled an increase in the cell capacities while retaining the same exterior dimensions. All Hawker Perfect Plus cells use the robust tubular vented technology (PzS). The positive electrodes are diecast tubular plates (PzS) and advanced components used in their manufacture provide increased efficiency. The negative plates are flat pasted plates. The separator is of the microporous type. The cell box and lid are made from high impact, temperature resistant polypropylene and are heat-seal welded to prevent electrolyte leakage.

EnerSys Ironclad

EnerSys has been manufacturing Ironclad batteries for the North American market for over 100 years. They've proven themselves to be reliable, rugged performers in many applications and work environments. They're designed with our proven EnerSys square tube technology to deliver higher sustained operating voltages and rugged reliability for higher productivity and longer life. Thanks to their unique square tubular, positive plate design using Cladex tubing, Ironclad batteries can run with higher specific gravities, which not only increase the power and run time but also lead to a longer service life. In addition, Ironclad batteries have a design life of 1,800 cycles, which equates to an extra year of life in many applications. Ironclad batteries meet the demands of even the toughest, heavy-duty applications.

Enersys Modular Chargers

Hawker Lifetech and Life iQ Modular Chargers were launched as a result of the success of LifeSpeed IQ 7kW modular chargers. Further research and development of 1kW and 3.5kW modular designs satisfy the wider material handling equipment market and to comply with worldwide standards. As a result of this extension, EnerSys is now offering a complete range of premium products from 1kW to 42kW with the best efficiency and performance on the market. EnerSys offers two charger ranges: NexSys and NexSys+. Both provide operational flexibility and charging features to ensure to get the optimum life from NexSys battery. Available in single and three phase, they have multi voltage and multi capacity adaptation and offer both standard and fast charge options. In addition, the Thin Plate Pure Lead technology which is at the heart of NexSys batteries makes them ideal for fast and opportunity charging. Both chargers provide operational flexibility and charging features to ensure you get the optimum life from your NexSys battery.

EnerSys NexSys

NexSys™ range of high-performance motive power 2V batteries offers fast charging, opportunity charging, zero battery change (ZBC℠) and virtually zero maintenance capabilities that deliver significant operational benefits and lifetime cost savings compared to traditional flooded and gel battery alternatives. Based on the proven Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology, NexSys batteries are available in Standard and Fast charging configurations to support a wider range of applications than previous models. Advanced system matching with NexSys and NexSys+ modular chargers ensures high performance and energy cost savings. NexSys batteries are suitable for an extensive range of vehicles including lift trucks, order pickers, pallet trucks, AGV/LGVs and cleaning machines.

EnerSys NexSys COMpact

In modern industrial activities and material handling operations the need of space to optimize every day’s operations, combined with the necessity of having trucks always available, is becoming more and more demanding. This turns into a request for more flexible, compact and integrated solutions, virtually without maintenance whilst able to perform zero battery change applications. To satisfy this increasing demand, EnerSys has designed and developed the advanced range of energy integrated solutions for Class III trucks combining in one package the renowned NexSys TPPL battery technology, the new smart onboard charger NexSys® COMpact and the most advanced iQ intelligence to provide a turnkey solution to recharge ANYWHERE at ANYTIME. The new integrated solution offers to the market a breakthrough technology, eliminating any unprofitable and unproductive transfer to dislocated charging stations. For all other applications and battery technologies which require an onboard solution, EnerSys presents its new Life COMpact™ onboard charger that can either be installed inside the battery compartment or become an integral part of the truck.

EnerSys ProSeries Battery Handling Equipment

EnerSys has many years' experience in the complete concept of battery charging rooms, from initial design, drawings and engineering through to complete installation and project management. We can provide numerous types of battery handling systems and safety equipment to comply with health and safety regulations to deliver a custom-designed solution for each customer's individual requirements. Hawker ProSeries battery handling systems offer the highest degree of safety and ease operation of any equipment available on the market today - all supported by a skilled design and installation capability. A very comprehensive and flexible range of systems is available, so whatever the size of your battery fleet, we can provide a safe, productive and cost-efficient system to meet customer specific needs and completely streamline the battery changing operation.

EnerSys Water Less

Hawker Water Less batteries are at the leading edge of battery technology, bringing added efficiency to your business and a high level of power and reliability. They're designed to provide more flexibility and more time due to longer topping up intervals of 4, 8 or 13 weeks depending on charging technology. This means reduced labour costs for topping up batteries – up to 60 % (with Hawker 50 Hz chargers) and up to 75 % (with Hawker HF smart chargers). All Hawker Water Less cells use proven PzS technology. The positive electrodes are diecast tubular plates (PzS) and advanced components used in their manufacture provide increased efficiency. The negative plates are flat pasted plates. The separator is of the microporous type. Constructional specifications like a larger electrolyte capacity, a reduced prism height and new flip top plugs ensure added value. In addition, a low electrolyte level indicator fitted on the battery informs you when water topping up is needed. Optional equipment: Aquamatic (automatic water filling system), Electrolyte circulation, Easyplus and Wi-IQ. Easyplus and Wi-IQ are electronic devices that communicate with Hawker HF chargers and deliver the information about battery performance and faults.

EnerSys Wi-iQ

Wi-iQ®3 is the next generation data monitoring device that can communicate with the charger, forklift or other external devices. It is installed onto the harness of the battery. It communicates via Bluetooth to remote battery sensors providing a clean, comprehensive data collection system. The sensors provide continuous wireless data stream (wired versions also available) that is computed and stored by the Wi-iQ3. LED on the device also provides visual status to the operator. With the optional Truck iQ device, this data is now presented in much the same way as looking at your smart phone. Wi-iQ3 is smart, innovative, all in one package.

EnerSys Xinx

The primary goals of any modern battery operation are predictability, sustainability and profitability. That’s why EnerSys Battery Operations Management programs don’t just offer data reporting. Our analysis helps you gain measurable results critical areas using actionable intelligence to ensure your success. Key Benefits include: Improved Operator Compliance – Well trained operators help to keep costs low and productivity high. Our program shows you where you need training while providing the tools you need to monitor compliance. Higher Performing Assets – Protect your investment by ensuring that your batteries and chargers are operating at peak performance. Streamlined Maintenance – Let your EnerSys analyst help you drive best practices with targeted optimization plans. Better Decision-Making – Take the guesswork out of budgeting and operational decisions with solid data and thorough analysis.

Froetek Cells Connectors & Accessories

BATTERY TECHNOLOGY The name FRÖTEK stands for a competent partner with many years of experience in the global battery market. FRÖTEK offers all products for the assembly of industrial batteries from individual battery cells. Furthermore we can supply products for starter batteries and for cell formation. In short: FRÖTEK supplies everything above the cell from one source and in OEM quality.