Battery maintenance and service is a very important task and requires a high level of safety. Only properly trained personnel should monitor the handling of these procedures. In addition to the wide range of products offered, Unibat can assume a battery’s maintenance and service as well as your entire fleet of batteries and chargers.

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Eaxtron Battery Connectors

EAXTRON's DIN 80A connectors are fully compatible with other brands. Two cable sizes are available : 16 mm² and 25 mm² The regular Eaxtron 160 and 320 amp consists in a socket and a plug connectors fitted with regular market standard contacts. Our standard Eaxtron battery connectors are fully compatible with the other battery connectors manufacturer in compliance with the DIN VDE 0623-589 and EN1175-1 standard. Socket and plug can be equipped with handle.

Froetek Cells Connectors & Accessories

BATTERY TECHNOLOGY The name FRÖTEK stands for a competent partner with many years of experience in the global battery market. FRÖTEK offers all products for the assembly of industrial batteries from individual battery cells. Furthermore we can supply products for starter batteries and for cell formation. In short: FRÖTEK supplies everything above the cell from one source and in OEM quality.